Company overview

We partner with businesses to build websites and software systems to create innovative solutions and help businesses become lasting success. The recognised success of our websitess is due to the all-encompassing nature of our services and highly experienced team. We can provide, in house, all the web-related services you need, including planning, design, development, copywriting and digital marketing. Once the website is up and running, we offer ongoing support and enable you to manage your content with an easy to use content management system, thus saving you time and money

Based in Belgrade, Serbia, which is fast becoming the Sillicon Valley of Eastern Europe, we provide a top service at a highly competitive price

We are one of the leading compaines in Serbia in the field of web development, and we have been providing our services to many companies in our country and region for thirteen years. Our team consists of an assembly of young people with strong idividual qualities and experience, who are experts in front end development, back end development, web design and SEO. We develop long-term, successful partnerships. When we complete your digital project, we offer support and our desired result is that you consider us to be part of your team.

& Vision

Our vision is BgLighthouse as the number 1 global choice for development of the most useful technological solutions and the ideal growth environment for the new leaders in tech development and partnership