Company overview

We provide web development services and software systems in order to create innovative solutions and help businesses have lasting success.

The nature of our services and highly experienced team, as well as satisfied clients, make our websites highly recognizable. Planning, design, development, copywriting and digital marketing are all included in the process of creating the web site that will satisfy client expectations. Once the website is up and running, ongoing support is provided and enable client to manage the content with an easy to use content management system.

As one of the leading companies in Serbia in the field of web development and throughout the years of experience, we managed to develop long-term successful partnerships at home and abroad, with US and EU clients.

We would like to be considered as a part of your team.

& Vision

Our vision is BgLighthouse as the number 1 global choice for development of the most useful technological solutions and the ideal growth environment for the new leaders in tech development and partnership